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Group retreats are great, but sometimes you benefit more from some one to one time. Time for you to reflect at your own pace, in peace, without distractions. Time for you to work through what you need to, with individual guidance and coaching when you need it. Time to rest, time to recharge, without feeling you need to follow a specific agenda.

On personalised individual retreats, you choose how long you would like to spend at Relaxscape, how much time you would like to spend talking things through with me, how much time you would like to spend on your own reflecting on what we have discussed, how much time you would like to spend on other activities and alternative therapies to help you through the change process, and what you would like those activities to be.

Relaxscape does what it says on the tin: a place to relax and to escape in nature. Spending time in nature helps you to reconnect with yourself and to get your creative, problem-solving brain working, so that you can start to make sense of all the thoughts and doubts and worries swirling around your head and start to listen to and understand what your heart is helping you to find, your ikigai, your sense of purpose.

Previous clients who have come for individual coaching retreats have all left feeling inspired and with a renewed focus and purpose and I love following their progress as they face the world with a stronger sense of who they are, what they need, and what they can offer.

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