How to live in flow and find your ikigai - one month at a time

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Learn positive habits to align your mind, body and heart and live with more purpose

This is an online programme to complement "The Art of Relaxscaping - How to find your Ikigai" gratidude journal. The two are intended to be worked through together, to equip you with all the tools you need to live your life with more purpose.

Sometimes it's hard to keep motivated and positive. When our energy levels are low, it affects everything else in our life too: our physical and mental health, our eating habits, our motivation, our sleep, our relationship with others, our work. But when we're feeling good, you may have noticed, everything seems to go right, we feel like we're buzzing with energy, we smile more, we just know it's right. Everything is making sense. We're in flow.

When we're in flow, our thoughts and actions are aligned with what our heart already knows. We're focused, we know what we're doing and where we're going, even if we don't know why. We're trusting our intuition, listening to our gut, rather than over-thinking and interpreting the world only through our mind. We're in the present moment, one of the five key principles of ikigai.

The aim of this monthly online coaching programme is to equip you with healthy habits in your daily life, keep you motivated and mentally and physically fit with yoga and other techniques, help you to retrain your brain to think more positively and give you a sense of purpose, coaching to help you to understand yourself more and what you need to do to keep your energy levels up, so that you can be more resilient when you hit bumps in the road. Finding your ikigai, your sense of purpose, or fulfilment, is not about having a big, grand ambition, or forcing yourself to be happy all the time, pretending that life never has any difficult patches, but about learning to find the little things to smile about and be grateful for in every day, keeping you positive so that you can navigate through the bumps more easily and cope better when things change - which they invariably do!

What your monthly subscription will include:

  • Access to a shared forum (private Facebook group) where you can find support and share your feelings and experiences with others as well as updates and resources to help your self development and reflection
  • Exclusive YouTube video content
  • Wellbeing tips, healthy habits to help you retrain your mind as well as your body
  • Healthy recipes and food tips to boost your energy and mood
  • A weekly online yoga class with Belinda
  • Daily motivation prompts to help you keep focus
  • Meditation and relaxation guidance
  • A monthly individual coaching chat with Belinda
  • Discounts on other Relaxscape products and services
  • Lots of smiles, good vibes and positive energy :)
Blue sky at Relaxscape
Blue sky's the limit!

You'll soon find that you start to feel calmer and more in control, more focused, more confident, with more energy and a renewed (or newly discovered) sense of purpose. You'll start to understand yourself better, to trust your intuition and what your body is telling you, not just your head. Another added bonus of boosting your energy levels and positivity with yoga and meditation and healthy habits is that your immune system becomes stronger too.

€25 a month or €130 if you pay for 6 months at a time.

First month free! To help you start 2022 with positive intent!

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You can buy a copy of The Art of Relaxscaping - How to Find Your Ikigai here. Now available with a Portuguese translation to help you use the journal!