Posted on December 12, 2019

Launching the Relaxscape Reuse & Repair Eco Stop!


Eco Loja e Paragem para Reparar e Reutilizar

The more we keep throwing things away and the more we keep buying new stuff, the more damage we are doing the environment.

Creating a circular economy is one way to help eliminate waste and reuse resources. We can do this by buying second-hand not new, by using & buying eco/green/natural products, and by repairing and reusing existing items rather than throwing them away or buying a new one when they break.

This is why I am launching a sustainable Eco Shop at Relaxscape, selling second-hand clothes & other small household items, and environmentally friendly products - like these fantastic reusable veg bags made by one of our lovely volunteers Susan Verdeyen. Use these when you go shopping instead of the single-use plastic bags in supermarkets.

As part of this, we will be running a monthly Repair Station run by volunteers, who can help to fix your broken items so that you can keep using them. For this to work, we need to work together! I'm looking please for volunteer repairers who are handy at fixing things in these categories (maybe others too as it all evolves!)

  • small household items and electrical goods (engineering skills)
  • repairing items of furniture (woodwork/joinery skills)
  • repairing clothes and other cloth items (sewing skills)
  • computers/electronic gadgets (tech skills)
  • toys (handy/crafty skills)

I also need second-hand clothes, small household goods and other environmentally-friendly, natural products to sell in the shop please, so if you would like to sell anything through the Relaxscape Eco Reuse & Repair Stop, please get in touch! Goods will be sold using a swap/credit system which means that you can use it to purchase other items in the shop, keeping the circular economy going (or you can choose to take the cash if you prefer, once your item is sold).

Why bring your items to the Relaxscape Eco Reuse & Repair Stop rather than just selling them on Facebook?

  • It's a more sustainable way to get rid of your unwanted items
  • It's easier for you! You don't have take photos of everything & upload them all, or reply to all the messages
  • It's easier for shoppers to physically see and touch and try on an item in front of them rather than on a computer screen
  • You're contributing to a zero-waste, circular economy which helps you and others.

STOP buying new. Repair & Reuse at the Relaxscape Eco Shop instead.

Please email me, Belinda if you would like to volunteer for the Repair Station or have anything you would like to sell in the Eco Shop.

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