Posted on November 25, 2022

On being inspired by Nature and publishing a book


A Reconectar - Poemas da Natureza / Reconnecting - Poems from Nature

Four years ago I was on a mission to find the perfect place in nature to set up Relaxscape. As a coach and psychologist, I understood very well the benefits that being immersed in nature, with time to reflect in peace among the trees, bring to people suffering from stress, or going through challenging life changes. That’s why I was setting up Relaxscape, to offer retreats for people who needed space and time out to recharge and work things out.

What I hadn’t really considered, with my head totally occupied as it was with the logistics of this new venture, is what a profound effect spending all day every day in this beautiful tranquil spot would have on me too. Surreptitiously, deliciously, it slipped its hand into mine and showed me all its treasures. It had me at hello!

Being able to spend time in nature, connecting with nature, working the land, breathing in the green, bathing in the forests and swimming in the river running through them, combined with my newly-acquired passion for teaching yoga, allowed me to step out of my head and into my body, allowed me to discover what my heart had been trying to tell me for a long time, and what I was busily advocating to clients – that for us to find what brings us joy in life, our ikigai, requires us to slow down, to retreat from the hectic, distracting, non -stop life we think we must live, and start to enjoy the moment.

And then the magic happens! I’ve been gradually rediscovering my creativity, finding my voice, finding myself, my medium, my frequency. I’ve started drawing, writing music again, painting for the first time. I can’t stop taking photos of the glorious, breathtaking skies, clouds, crickets, crushed leaves, flowers, tangled trees – I gasp with delight at every sunset, sunrise and full moon as if it’s the first time I’ve experienced it. I’ve turned into a live advert for what a retreat at Relaxscape can do for you.

Of course this is the short version…there’s been a lot more to it, a lot of soul searching, time for reflection, hard work and snakes and ladders. There’s also been a lot of poetry writing – which rather excitingly has turned into a published book: A Reconectar – Poemas da Natureza / Reconnecting – Poems from Nature, with the poems both in Portuguese and English, accompanied by some of my photos.

Proudly showing off my new book A Reconectar - Poemas da Natureza / Reconnecting - Poems from Nature
Proudly showing off my new book A Reconectar - Poemas da Natureza / Reconnecting - Poems from Nature

You can buy a copy here from the Relaxscape Eco Loja

Or from Fnac, Wook and Bertrand (and the e-book is also available from Amazon UK and Livraria Atlântico)

Here are some of the reviews it’s received so far – if you do decide to buy it and enjoy the read, please also share your review with me by emailing me! Reviews count a lot towards bookshops deciding to stock it, so you’d be doing me a huge favour thank you.

And if you think you might have a book inside you too, it might be an idea to book some time here at Relaxscape to enable it to come out!

“Your book is wonderful, thank you! I'm savouring it slowly and only reading one or two poems a day but loving the feelings they express, and the feelings they bring up in me too.”
“I have just finished my first read of your beautiful book. I am sure I will read it many times in the future. Were the photos yours too? They are lovely. You write in colour.”
“Adoro o teu livro ! É muito inspirador e transmite muita paz ! Obrigado por partilhar os teus dotes poéticos. Vem da alma ! O que escreves . Por isso é tão profundo e verdadeiro !” ("I love your book! It's very inspirational and transmits a sense of peace. Thank you for sharing your poetic skills. It comes from the soul! What you write. This is why it's so profound and true!")
“Your book of poems arrived today…Your words and thoughts are inspirational, calm and clear. Your message, be at one with nature to find yourself, is a truth I have always believed.”
“Mágica é uma bela palavra para descrever a tua poesia”. ("Magical is a good word to describe your poetry.")
At Insensato Café-Livraria in Tomar
At Insensato Café-Livraria in Tomar
“Gostei muito dos seus poemas! Eu estou a tentar desenvolver-me mais espiritualmente, e é curioso que os poemas me tenham chegado agora." ("I really liked your poems! I'm trying to develop myself more spiritually and it's curious that the poems reached me at this time.")
"I love what you write."
"I empathise and understand your words completely - for the same reasons my eyes fill with tears when I listen to fado."
"This poem really resonated with me and I've been thinking about it all day. Thank you for creating such poignant words. It was the timing of it that really astounded me, and then the power of your words. They captured both pain and liberation at the same time. Beautiful."
"Superb write!"
"Beautiful write, thanks for sharing your talent."
"Really nice work. Loved it."
"Lovely poetry."

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