Posted on December 09, 2021

On forest bathing, reconnecting with nature, and finding your creativity


Reconnecting - a collection of poems from nature

In the 1980s, Japanese scientists started to note the positive effects on people's physical and mental health of spending time in nature among trees. Doctors started prescribing "Shinrin Yoku" to patients as a natural therapy, and so the practice of forest bathing was born: spending time consciously absorbing the atmosphere of the forest for health purposes.

For many years before this, philosophers and spiritual leaders have also understood that connecting with nature helps you to connect with yourself (and with each other). We work in synergy with nature: we are part of nature.

I created Relaxscape because I wanted to offer people who were feeling a bit lost somewhere where they could find themselves again; where they could get lost in the forest instead, and there connect with nature and reconnect with themselves. Relaxscape is a place where people come to find their ikigai, their reason for getting out of bed in the morning.

In the process of creating a nature retreat for others to enjoy, I too have been able to enjoy retreating in nature, getting lost in the forest, and reconnecting with myself. In the last three years my life has changed considerably, from living in a bustling town in South East England, juggling a busy working life, to living in a tiny village in rural central Portugal, working on the land, teaching yoga, and creating experiences in nature and from nature for my clients.

People think I found my ikigai when I came to Portugal, but it was my ikigai that brought me here...and what a reason to get out of bed in the morning! Spending time in nature (and yoga!) here has helped me to reconnect with myself and tap into my creativity again, and I would like to share with you some of the poems I have written as a result. Perhaps they might inspire you too, to spend some more time in nature, and to listen to your soul song.

You can read the poems here: A Reconectar - Poemas da Natureza / Reconnecting - Poems from Nature


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