Posted on July 21, 2019

Relaxscape haiku


A short reflection in haiku form

Some of the core principles that we aim to share with you at Relaxscape are practices we've learnt from Japanese culture. Shinrin yoku, for example, the simple therapy of being out in nature and being surrounded by trees. Also known as forest bathing, it's now prescribed by doctors there as a recognised healing process. Relaxscape retreats also are designed to help you find your ikigai - your reason for being, the source of value in your life that makes it worthwhile (in a way that makes sense to you).

So I thought an occasional haiku would be a fun way to share what's been happening here, or what I've noticed during the week, while sticking to the Japanese theme. Haikus are also usually nature-focused, and emphasise simplicity, intensity, and directness of expression - more values that we encourage here. Here are a few that I've posted on our Facebook and Instagram feeds over the last few weeks.


The world stops. We wait.

Patient, alone. Together.

Lessons from this year.


The river is grey.

Dark clouds don't always mean rain.

Traditions live on.


Yoga every day.

Meditation, breath, stillness.

Dogs still bark at night.


Up high, the wind blows.

Overhead, the clouds scatter.

Inside, souls whisper.


Breathing in, green trees.

Deep in the forest, bathing.

Life has many paths.


Water, flowing free.

Watching food grow, sharing round.

The river beckons.


Hot clouds, summer sky.

Strangers meeting, food brings smiles.

A cat sits and waits.


Flowers everywhere,

Pleasure can take many forms.

Heads held high, hearts full.


Busy day of rest,

People passing, puzzling done.

Grey sky turned to sun.

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