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Belinda Raitt

Hello, I'm Belinda, the founder and owner of Relaxscape. I'm a firm believer in shaping your own life, ikigai, the healing power of nature, yoga, eating your greens, and being green.

I have a Masters degree in Psychology and have been practising as a coach helping people through life and career changes for the last ten years. During that time I began to realise that a common theme among my clients was that they felt a bit lost, or no longer knew who they were or what made them happy. My coaching became about helping them to find balance, to rediscover their ikigai. I've also been through my own difficult patches which led me to make big changes in my life in my early 40s. That's when I discovered the internal healing powers of yoga and nature, and what eventually led me to create Relaxscape, a place where people could retreat to nature and rediscover themselves.

I am also a Yoga Alliance certified Hatha and Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher and I have my own coaching and business consultancy About Talent Ltd, which supports people through difficult transitions in their life, work and businesses by focusing on their strengths. As a coach, my aim is to help my clients find a more holistic approach to their change journey. Yoga to me is about wellbeing and I've found it to be of huge benefit to my mental and physical health. Combined with coaching, it's a great way to help you to find inner stillness during times of change and stress.

I particularly like Vinyasa Flow yoga because of the focus on the breath - it's about creating a rhythmic flow of one breath to one movement. This constant dialogue between your body internally and externally creates a beautifully relaxing practice, leaving you feeling energised and connected to your inner self.

With only a couple of years till I'm 50, I'm living proof that it's never too late to change and make the most of your life!

You can read more about my experience of creating Relaxscape and observations on life in Portugal and beyond here in my Journal.

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