Shinrin Yoku Forest Bathing - Mergulho na Floresta

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Monthly nature therapy guided experience to reconnect with nature and your inner self

At Relaxscape I offer guided individual and group Forest Bathing Experiences. The purpose of forest bathing is to absorb the health-giving energy that nature provides for us, surrounded by trees, to promote a greater sense of wellbeing and to help us to work through and to release anything that is bothering us. As a result, we start to understand ourselves (and others) more. It's a deeply relaxing experience and people come away feeling more grounded, but lighter at the same time.

The full Shinrin Yoku Forest Bathing Experience lasts for 3 hours ("mini" or even longer ones can be tailored for you on request). Each guided forest bathing session involves a physical element - walking in the forest and some yoga exercises - as well as some mindfulness work, breath work, meditation, self-reflection and coaching. The groups are kept small so that I can give each person what they require. The Forest Bathing Experience can be conducted in English or Portuguese (or a mixture of both!)

River Zêzere forests

The purpose of forest bathing is to connect outwards, not to focus inwards (until we get to the meditation part, anyway!). During the Forest Bathing Experience I am guiding you to consciously observe and absorb through your five senses (and in so doing, develop your sixth). We are part of nature, after all, and during these Forest Bathing experiences, the purpose is to deepen that connection so that we learn how to work in synergy with nature, drawing the energy from without, within.

For us to connect with that, we need to open ourselves to it, and remove any barriers or filters that are getting in the way. A big part of the guided Forest Bathing Experience with me, is to help you to release, to put your trust in the healing properties of nature, and to learn to let go of what is not serving you. Leave it in the forest! We start with exercises to attune and open up our internal energy centres (chakras), then I guide you through a conscious (“mindful”) interaction with the forest. After that we spend some time meditating to reflect our experience inwards again, and I offer some coaching guidance on anything that has surfaced as a result of this experience.

Shinrin Yoku is originally a Japanese form of nature therapy, and it complements the principles of ikigai that are the basis for the transformation retreats I run at Relaxscape too.

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